A Bird Loves Freedom

A Bird loves freedom and it deserve to be free. They look beautiful in the vast sky not in the cage. Their true beauty enhances when they fly! 

 No living being likes to be restricted in life. Freedom is one’s birthright. Life comes to a standpoint if restriction occurs.

Freedom is the most important thing to move forward in life. We can take lessons from the birds as well to realize that no matter how long you keep a bird inside a cage, it will never stop dreaming of flying freely without any restrictions. It will be the happiest and most beautiful in the blue sky!It belongs in the sky. It deserves to live a life of its own. Let it fight for its food and its existence. We don’t have to keep it alive; a bird can do it by itself.

Freedom is not the meaning of losing something. Maybe it just means to give life to someone or something. Human beings also can’t shine in restrictions. They need freedom of doing what they like to shine in life. God made us each different and unique. So why one should hide one true self and try to be a stranger in vain.

You are not good at being someone else. YOU will be able to give your best when you are YOU;not anyone else. And giving someone or something freedom is the best you can do for others! Trust me : )

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