"Change begins with YOU"

"Change starts when you decide to make it true"
People are so used to follow their ansestors and believes that they forget that time changes and so as the rules of living.

Sometimes people tell me to change...but what if i am the change that this society needs to move on?

I follow my dreams...i like to think and feel freely...i like to be real...i will never be able to be my true self if i follow others just like that. Most people of our society wears a mask which hide their true personality from everyone else because they fear what the society might think if they show their true self before all. But is it helping them in anyway?

*Hiding who you are will only make you weak and dependent on others in society. Truly speaking,  the people with these prejudices only want you to be in their control. So they will try to tell you who you should be and what you should do in life. They will never advise you to be yourself and do what makes your heart happy because that might make you free from all strings of social prejudices...

Just remember , Change starts with you. Don't wait for anyone to change things in life for you because that will never happen. It is your life and it is your responsibility to make it a beautiful one to live freely and happily and be satisfied  : )

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