The Last Wish

January 10, 1998;
Today is my 14th birthday. I don't even realize how time passes so quickly. Actually i don't want to grow up and that's why i don't like  my own birthday because it makes me feel that i am growing older. I really don't want to be a grown up type because they seem so heartless to me. I think that one can only enjoy life fully from heart when they are child. Because whenever i see people older than me i find it real creepy and super boring. So my family members are celebrating my birthday party downstairs and as usual i came upstairs saying that I’m feeling tired. I know it's odd but i just can't help it. Whenever i think of becoming old i feel that i won't be able to live my life as i am enjoying it now. I just want to be a child always. But i know that it's impossible. I know it's a little odd for a boy like me to think like this but sorry, i can't help it. I am who i am; there is nothing i can do about it. Although no one in my family knows about it because i know that they won't understand me and my feelings. All in all i am feeling down. Anyway, the day ends and another morning come so time for school. Everything went good as usual, nothing special about it.
On my way back to home from school i just noticed something real strange. I had to walk from school because my house was quite near. As i was saying, i came by an old house where an old person lived as long as i can remember. Now the strange thing is i thought i heard some noise from inside that house. I felt real curious and couldn't stop myself from giving a little peek inside to find out what was making that sound. At first i thought that i was dreaming because i couldn't believe what i saw through a small hole of the wooden fence of that house!

Check & Mate

I reached the city of Belmount after a long tiring journey. It’s a quiet place very far from where I used to live. At first I thought that it's impossible to work in a place like this. But later I realized that it was not a bad place because it was really a peaceful area where people were really friendly. I was recently transferred from another city and was new to this place. But here i met Mr. Tom, a man of almost my age, very active, kind, gentle and friendly. He was a person with a great sense of humor. Later I came to know that he also worked where I was going to join the next day! We became friends on our first meeting. Slowly we became very good companions and i shifted to his place one day. I moved here before my family because I just wanted to check the place first just in case. As Tom lived in an apartment building on rent, he had no problem in sharing some room with me. I was highly pleased because he was the only person i know more than anyone in this new place. Tom and i used to pass our time playing chess and solving puzzles and riddles. He was very sharp at these things. I could hardly keep up with him. I was interested in these types of things too. So we had a great time together. I loved reading detective books and that’s why Tom used to ask me a lot of riddles. Mostly they were real hard but somehow I always managed to answer them and impress him each time. He the most wonderful person I know.  
Oh! I think you all might be wondering why i am telling all these things in past tense. That's because my closest companion is no more. He died in the most mysterious way. I heard about his death last week when i got a small letter from him which was written by him just a few days before his death. But he couldn't send me. I left his place a long time ago. As i advanced in my job and got a promotion, i started living here in this city with my family. So, as i was saying, his servant brought the news of his death to me and handed me a letter. It was the last memory of my friend to me. I couldn't think of anything that moment because of that shocking news. But after a few days i remembered about that letter and opened it with very high care because i didn’t want to damage it at any cost. But when i opened that letter i was literally shocked! It was truly written by Tom because i have seen his handwriting. It contained some weird things. It seemed to be almost like a riddle. The riddle goes like this:

"The king checkmates the queen;
Seek for the unseen;
The bishop was afraid,
Check & mate is fate."

Forgotten Memory

Character List:
*Linda Ray -Mother of Amy
*Amy Ray-Eldest daughter of Linda & elder sister of Lucy
*Lucy Ray-Little sister of Amy and daughter of Linda
*Dr. Willy Longbert- Psychiatrist of Amy

 My name is Amy, Amy Ray. I am 17 years old and going to be 18 this month so am super excited cause mom promised me to give a special gift on my birthday this year! I live with my mom Linda and my little sister Lucy. We don't live with dad anymore. We left our old home long ago where all my childhood memories still lives. Now we live in a small house near the place where my mom works. It is a little far from school but that's okay now. Mom is our everything. She manages to give us much time even after working all day at work. She is the real champion in my eye. Although i don't know about Lucy because she is still young but i know that she loves mom more than anything. Maybe even more than her toys! My sis and i are best friends. We play and dance with each other when we are alone at house. It's really fun. But when mom returns home, she joins us instead of being angry. She never stops us for anything except going somewhere alone. She is always worried about us and our future. But i know that everything will be okay as long as we are together.
So life was perfect in my eye. I never had the feeling of missing anything because i thought that i had everything and that made me feel so happy. But alas! This feeling didn’t last longer since last year. I still remember that night. So it all started with a weird dream of mine. I still remember the date and time. It was a day after my birthday and time was 12 at night. We were asleep as usual. I sleep alone. My sis sleeps with my mom. My life changed after that very night. I saw a horrible dream. I saw a girl of almost my age. But it was not me that's for sure. She had a torn old dress on her and dirt on her entire body. I realized that i was not in my room. It was an old and dirty room with a strange smell. I could hardly breathe because of that smell. Some might think that how can someone smell in a dream. But i actually did! It was not a dream for me because i had felt every single thing in that place. In my dream i saw the girl worried and walking in that room with a restless look on her face. She seemed to be looking for something.  But then she saw me. I just kept looking at her frightful face and her dark eyes full of tears. She started coming at me and the suddenly i saw blood on her body and she started screaming and fell on the ground.


It was said by William Shakespeare once that-
 "A friend is one that knows you as you are, understands where you have been, accepts what you have become, and still, gently allow you to grow." 

Our life is filled with various types of people. Among all of them we always look for a companion or should i say a 'friend'. No matter how we are or where we are, we always look for friends with whom we can talk for hours and never get bored. Friendship is the richest word on earth. People feel much comfortable when they are with friends. Spending some time with friends is really an extraordinary feeling! A friend is someone who understands us and help us to make some beautiful memories. It is so amazing when someone really thinks that you are very special and makes you an important part of his/her life. Without a friend life would have been incomplete. A friend is the most important part of our life and without this part nothing can be okay. Every relationship starts with friendship. Friendship is the base of all the beautiful relationships and also makes it stronger day by day. A friend is the one who inspires you, make you smile and stays by your side in every circumstance. A friend is the one who is always ready to go through any situations just to spend some time with you and make you smile. A friend is the one who really loves us without any certain reason. If someone wants to be a better person in life, i will definitely suggest that try to be a good friend because it is indeed one of the best things you can be. There is no greater treasure than the respect or love of a true friend. Don't wait for people to be friendly, be an example of one true friend. It will give you the sweetest feeling of all. May be that's why Lord Byron also stated in this respect:
"Friendship is Love without his wings!"

[To my friend, 'I miss you and love you a lot. Thank you for being a part of my life. You are truly a blessing for me']

"A Beautiful Truth"

Nature has innumerable beauty of its own. Everything of nature is quite enjoyable. It is the symbol of truth as well as beauty. It can also be said that nature is the role model of beauty. Whenever I’m around nature i always remember the lines quoted from John Keats's world famous poem “Ode on a Grecian Urn'': "Beauty is truth, truth beauty". I wonder why these lines always make me think about nature. May be it come about because nature is truly beautiful? Everything that is truth is also beautiful just like it (nature). I have seen nature when it was pin drop silence all around and when it was full of sounds. This silence has a different effect on our minds. They make us think about how peaceful and beautiful the world really is and we are a part of this natural world. Isn't that amazing! I've seen the gentle breeze slowly blowing the green leaves which are of various shades. They seem to be enjoying the wind and dancing. The color changing rhythm of the leaves when sun rays fall upon them is really extraordinary! All these happen when the nature is silent. Some birds sing with a charming sound seem to sing lullaby for the leaves. The combination of the wonderful breeze and their charming sound is extremely enjoyable. If anyone wants to find peace of mind, they can find it in the silence of nature. Although i call it silence; it is actually a mixture of soothing wind and charming sound of the birds. So the silence of nature is different because it can be felt from our hearts and is highly enjoyable too! We can find true company with nature. It provides us with a beautiful atmosphere as well as a company like a true friend which is very much needed in this modern world. The beauty of nature is more enhanced when it is mixed with silence of the morning, midday or specially evening. Words aren’t enough to describe its gorgeous scenic effect. We are truly blessed to be in such a jocund company of nature.........

Be Yourself

People find it much harder to be who they really are. Being yourself is nothing abnormal. In fact it is the only thing that makes you special among others. If anyone says that you are different; then you should take that as a compliment. It definitely points that you are not like others. You are special or unique , someone who is different from others. No one can  be like you even if they want to. It's a part of human psychology that they are so used to see only one thing over and over again that they start to believe that it is the only way. But people forget that there is no fixed way of living . Everyone on this earth is unique. No one is the same. So why should we expect everyone to be the same? Be yourself and make people fall in love with the real you. Don't lose yourself trying to be like someone else. You are something very special. Never forget who you are and be brave enough to be yourself among all . Always focus on yourself and let your light shine among the light of others....

Unmask Life

Unmasking simply refers to reveal the truth. Life has two faces. One is the truth and the other is dangerous. It becomes real difficult to understand it sometimes. Some get fooled by its false part and simply fall apart. For example we can say about the life of women on earth. No matter how much we try to develop the state of women, to shine in life a woman has to go through a lot of difficulties more than men. It is the ultimate truth of life. Women play the most important role on earth. They maintain a family as a mother, a wife, a sister, a daughter and also as a housewife. They face a lot of problems in work and house but still manage everything on her own. The importance of women cannot be described in words. They deserve everything because without them there would be nothing. Women are the true fighters of life who manages all. We must give proper respect to every woman on earth because they truly deserve it. It is true that men also work hard but in reality women faces a lot more challenges in life than men. Never regret that woman is the most precious gift for all. A woman can be soft as well as hard to face various situations. They are always ready for any obstacles given by life. Never underestimate women because there is nothing a woman can’t do. They can love, fight, care, and also sacrifice themselves when it comes to their family. In the present world a woman can do everything a man does. She is not less than anyone else. She has the power to love and conquer. So my advice to all the women-“Know Thyself, Love Thyself & Respect Thyself. No need of anybody else, you are enough.” And my advice to all men that respect women in your life, they are the most precious diamonds who make your life complete.....

Dream On

Dreaming is a part of our life. Human beings can’t stop dreaming. Some only dream while sleeping and some live their dreams in real life situations. Although living any dream is a different thing. According to experts, people only dream what they usually do or see in everyday life and also what they fear to see. Normally dreams can’t be controlled. It entirely depends on our mind. Sometimes dreams can make our mood swing. A beautiful dream can be a perfect source of inspiration for a new start. Life can be real mean sometimes. By ‘mean’ I actually intended to say ‘hard’. Those hard situations can easily make us despaired. But only if we hold on to our dream and keep going, we can reach our aim in no time. So don’t stop at any cost. Remember it’s a part of our imagination and also something our hearts desires. Dream on, dream big and make it possible……


Stars shine when it’s dark. It doesn’t have to wait for anyone or anything. They are very shiny and beautiful. They enhance the beauty of the sky as well as the moon. The moon seems to be the queen of the sky at night and the stars play the role of its attendants. The sky full of stars along with the moon is very normal and common scenery to all but every night it occurs to claim that it is worth praises for years after years they remain equally beautiful and gorgeous to look at. I feel much pleasure to see them every night in the sky. But mostly I love them when the moon isn’t seen. Because that’s the time when they bear the beauty of their own and rule the sky all by themselves. Every night when darkness covers the whole atmosphere; Stars are seen twinkling like diamonds, which is one of the most pleasant scenes to all. There is hardly any person who doesn’t love them. Somehow they mix with human psychology so intensely that people can’t stop falling in love with them. They are the symbols of beauty, pride and equality. They teach us that every single person is unique and equally important. One shouldn’t be upset if no one cares or praises him/her. His/her presence is important for all which is undeniable. We must believe in ourselves and stand with dignity and pride like stars. Stars don’t bother at all whether someone praises it or not. It just shines. Be like a star, feel like a star so that nothing can stop you. Shine with your own light…..

Have courage & be kind

It takes much courage to be kind these days. In this modern competitive world kindness is becoming really hard to find. Modern world in some way lacks kindness. By kindness, I mean kindness towards mankind, nature, animals and everything around us. It costs nothing to be kind to someone or something but it has an everlasting effect on our minds. You don’t have any idea how powerful kindness really is! It may not be visible but it has the power to change someone’s life. It is true that life teaches us how to be strict to face every obstacle but sometimes all we need is to be kind. Some situations can be easily maintained if we show a little kindness. The results are invisible but trust me, if you had the power to choose several options and see what happens; I am sure that the results would definitely surprise you. But I’m afraid that’s not possible because only in games we can go to the past and choose another option to observe what happens then. No one will ask us to be kind. It is something we have to nurture it in ourselves. We have to get used to being kind. It’s real easy. Just show kindness towards everyone or everything around us. Even if it’s a tree or an animal. Being kind won’t make us weak. Rather it’ll make us more generous and calm. It can teach us to be patient and love life.

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Nature is life......  It all started with nature. Nature give us everything we need. And most importantly it gives us oxygen which is the main element to our existence. Without nature our existence is nearly impossible. Nature helps mainly human beings. It provides us with wood, food, shade, protection and much more. In short , nature is our best friend in need. Even though human being forgets about nature sometimes but nature never forgets us. It is high time we start taking care about our most loyal companion. Because without it , we are nothing. Just like a mother , nature takes care of us in every situations.  Just like a mother, nature also is very important for us. So think about it and make it possible. I assure you all that you won't regret it.

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