Welcome 2019

Thank you 2018 coz i have learnt a lot from you!
I have met so many persons so far. They all have taught me so much. Some gave pains and some gave me beautiful moments of happiness . At times i cried out of joy and sometimes i cried out of depression.
Most of all , it took me a whole year to understand that i deserve way better than some people were treating me so far. I deserve the world full of love and respect. I deserve the love i give to everyone. I deserve all the happiness a woman can get. I always tried to find someone to love and forgot how to love myself. I love myself now. So last year taught me how to fall in love with myself.  I have cut off all the toxic persons and fighting with some of them too still . I can not compromise with my happiness anymore. Because i have learnt no one gives a damn about my happiness except me.  I love me and i want to enjoy every moments in happiness.
I have learnt, it is way better to be alone than being with bad company or wrong person. At least i won't hurt myself or dissapoint my trust. So new year resolution for me is to be happy as much as i can. Because life is what i am living now and this very moment is me and i want to spend it smiling and with mental peace......peace peace peace........

New year and waiting for new experience too! Welcome 2019!!!

My tip: (Love everyone but love yourself the most)😉❤

How to gain fluency in speaking English

Now a days i am trying to focus on gaining fluency on my English speaking skills. I've been studying and writing about English language for past few years and now i am prepared to move one step ahead in acquiring mastery in English, by speaking it fulently. So basically i researched about it and found couple of hints to fulfil my target. I am just going to write it down in points....here it goes:

1. Try speaking and even thinking in English.

2. Try to have conversations with native English speakers.

3. Increase your vocabulary knowledge.

4. And keep on praticing even if you make mistakes because only practice makes a man perfect 😉

So , i am gonna write more about my research on gaining fluency in English speaking skills in my next few posts. So be with me in my journey  and i hope i can help you with gaining mastery in speaking fluently in English!

I. E. Tell me about your opinions and as well as problems of speaking English in the comment section below. I will try to help you as much as i can.....

We should help each other to improve together. 😊

You can contact me on facebook : maimunahassan0712@gmail.com

#We can have a lovely converstaion too!

"Change begins with YOU"

"Change starts when you decide to make it true"
People are so used to follow their ansestors and believes that they forget that time changes and so as the rules of living.

Sometimes people tell me to change...but what if i am the change that this society needs to move on?

I follow my dreams...i like to think and feel freely...i like to be real...i will never be able to be my true self if i follow others just like that. Most people of our society wears a mask which hide their true personality from everyone else because they fear what the society might think if they show their true self before all. But is it helping them in anyway?

*Hiding who you are will only make you weak and dependent on others in society. Truly speaking,  the people with these prejudices only want you to be in their control. So they will try to tell you who you should be and what you should do in life. They will never advise you to be yourself and do what makes your heart happy because that might make you free from all strings of social prejudices...

Just remember , Change starts with you. Don't wait for anyone to change things in life for you because that will never happen. It is your life and it is your responsibility to make it a beautiful one to live freely and happily and be satisfied  : )

A Simple way to Relieve Stress

People hurt you because you let them. Don’t give them a chance to do so. Know your worth. You are not dependable on others. You just need to make yourself happy. You just need yourself and have faith in God. 

God will never hurt your feelings and is always by your side ready to help you. You may not see HIS help but you can feel it if you observe life more specifically. People don’t determine your happiness, you do. Try to take control over life and your mind.

Focus on God when anxiety and depression attacks the mind, you’ll find peace. Trust me, you are doing just fine and you will be fine. Maybe even better than before , better than anyone else! : )

Life, a beauty or a mess?

Life is a beautiful mess that keeps reminding us what it feels like to be alive.  Here one may face happiness, sorrow, anger, excitement, grief, disappointment, ecstasy and so much more! Some of the facts of life is messy and some are beautiful.

In this same life, we can see that no matter how perfect you are, people will always try to find your faults.

In this same life, we can see people making differences between high and low, fair and dark, beautiful and ugly, even though we are all the same.

In this same life, people treat relationship on the amount of wealth they acquire. Money and status is more important than relationships to some people.

In this same life, people treat others like nothing just because of their not being a part of any royal or rich family or a developed country.

In this same life, people fear changes and highly ignores it.

In this same life, Love is treated as a system of life but not as one’s feelings and emotions.

I think people should get out of these thoughts and observe life from a different point of view. This is our life. We decide what to choose, the better or the best. To find true meaning of life, one should think from a new perspective. Not for others, just for ourselves....

Too Much Control

It doesn’t matter anymore really. The words you choose will always differ from the words you want to choose. There will be no life in it, it will be something without a soul, and it will be only dead words.
When you have to live a life of others it becomes the same. A life without a true soul in it is the death of that soul.
Life becomes death for some people. They die by living each moment.
Too much control of this world made it blind to realize that one person may need freedom to live, not restrictions.

She loved smiles but the world wanted her tears
She loved freedom but she got restrictions from others
She wanted friends but the world kept her alone
Everywhere she went she saw demons staring at her ready to capture her
She was scared that one day the world might win over her
The world cared about their opinion not hers
The world wanted that part of her she never wanted to loose.
And it is all done in this same world we live in….

A Bird Loves Freedom

A Bird loves freedom and it deserve to be free. They look beautiful in the vast sky not in the cage. Their true beauty enhances when they fly! 

 No living being likes to be restricted in life. Freedom is one’s birthright. Life comes to a standpoint if restriction occurs.

Freedom is the most important thing to move forward in life. We can take lessons from the birds as well to realize that no matter how long you keep a bird inside a cage, it will never stop dreaming of flying freely without any restrictions. It will be the happiest and most beautiful in the blue sky!It belongs in the sky. It deserves to live a life of its own. Let it fight for its food and its existence. We don’t have to keep it alive; a bird can do it by itself.

Freedom is not the meaning of losing something. Maybe it just means to give life to someone or something. Human beings also can’t shine in restrictions. They need freedom of doing what they like to shine in life. God made us each different and unique. So why one should hide one true self and try to be a stranger in vain.

You are not good at being someone else. YOU will be able to give your best when you are YOU;not anyone else. And giving someone or something freedom is the best you can do for others! Trust me : )

Welcome 2019

Thank you 2018 coz i have learnt a lot from you! I have met so many persons so far. They all have taught me so much. Some gave pains and so...