Forgotten Memory

Character List:
*Linda Ray -Mother of Amy
*Amy Ray-Eldest daughter of Linda & elder sister of Lucy
*Lucy Ray-Little sister of Amy and daughter of Linda
*Dr. Willy Longbert- Psychiatrist of Amy

 My name is Amy, Amy Ray. I am 17 years old and going to be 18 this month so am super excited cause mom promised me to give a special gift on my birthday this year! I live with my mom Linda and my little sister Lucy. We don't live with dad anymore. We left our old home long ago where all my childhood memories still lives. Now we live in a small house near the place where my mom works. It is a little far from school but that's okay now. Mom is our everything. She manages to give us much time even after working all day at work. She is the real champion in my eye. Although i don't know about Lucy because she is still young but i know that she loves mom more than anything. Maybe even more than her toys! My sis and i are best friends. We play and dance with each other when we are alone at house. It's really fun. But when mom returns home, she joins us instead of being angry. She never stops us for anything except going somewhere alone. She is always worried about us and our future. But i know that everything will be okay as long as we are together.
So life was perfect in my eye. I never had the feeling of missing anything because i thought that i had everything and that made me feel so happy. But alas! This feeling didn’t last longer since last year. I still remember that night. So it all started with a weird dream of mine. I still remember the date and time. It was a day after my birthday and time was 12 at night. We were asleep as usual. I sleep alone. My sis sleeps with my mom. My life changed after that very night. I saw a horrible dream. I saw a girl of almost my age. But it was not me that's for sure. She had a torn old dress on her and dirt on her entire body. I realized that i was not in my room. It was an old and dirty room with a strange smell. I could hardly breathe because of that smell. Some might think that how can someone smell in a dream. But i actually did! It was not a dream for me because i had felt every single thing in that place. In my dream i saw the girl worried and walking in that room with a restless look on her face. She seemed to be looking for something.  But then she saw me. I just kept looking at her frightful face and her dark eyes full of tears. She started coming at me and the suddenly i saw blood on her body and she started screaming and fell on the ground.
My heartbeat was so fast that i could not breathe at all out of fear. Then that strange girl didn’t stop at any cost. She looked at me and tried to say something but didn’t understand a word. And that's where my dream ended and as usual i just woke up and started screaming and crying. After that very night i became entirely another person. I used to be a very active girl. Everyone looked at me with a strange look at school. My friends stopped talking to me. I even heard some people say that i am mad. I felt so bad that i started to think that may be i am a mad person. But then my mom took me to family friend who was a psychiatrist named Dr. Willy longbert. More like Dr. Weirdo. I didn't like him at all. He was such a grouch. His age was maybe over 65 and had a large creepy face. As my mom knew him, he was trying to be friendly but i knew that he had a mean person hiding inside his false mask of which i was truly a little scared somehow. I started my treatment there at his place. Sometime he invited us to his house because after all he was our family friend, but his house was creepier than his face. It's an old house which is not painted or repaired in years. There is hardly any light. I used to go there for my treatment sometimes with mom. Mom couldn't be with me every time because of her job. Though she wanted to stay. I insisted her and said that I’ll be fine. But i was truly not okay. Because every time i saw Mr. Weirdo i just feared to death. Anyway, doctor started his treatment with hypnosis. Every time i was in trance i saw that same dream and more clearly each time. I started to become curious rather being scared because I've seen that dream so many times that i really stopped getting scared. Now i really am curious to know the truth about the dream and most importantly about that mysterious girl whose face is crystal clear to me now. I can easily sketch her face now if i want to. So today i am going to see my weirdo doctor again as usual. Mom is staying with Lucy at home. I went to his chamber as usual where i learnt that he fell sick and went home. I don't know why but i felt bad for that old person and decided to drop by and check how he is. So i went to his house and rang the bell. It sounded like almost the laugh of a cruel villain to me. Anyhow, i managed to focus on my goal of going there and gathered courage and stood there and waited for him to open the door. It took him a while to open the door but i could realize that it was normal in this age. So he looked at me with a curious look and told me that he was feeling strange and that's why he left his chamber. I told him that it was okay and asked him how he was feeling then. He didn’t answer my question instead he asked me if i wanted to give checkup at his house. I agreed because i had done treatment at his residence several times before with mom. We went in and i lied on the old couch which was in the living room and he started to hypnotize me. Again i saw that dream. I saw her face but this time i heard what she tried to say!  She said that, “HELP ME"!!!  This made me a little nervous. My treatment was over and the doctor seem to be a little worried which made me a little worried too. Suddenly he asked me if i could sketch the picture of that girl in my dream. I agreed because i was almost a good artist so i easily sketched her face. I thought that it was quite good at first attempt but i changed my opinion after seeing the face of my psychiatrist when he saw it. The color of his face changed entirely and he became more tensed. He suddenly told me to leave and not to come until he calls. So after this super strange incident i came home and waited for my call. Strangely one day mom told me that doctor uncle called and he will continue my treatment at his house. So i went there on time.  But this time i felt something real strange. I felt that something is trying to stop me from going there or should i say someone. But i ignored those feelings and went inside. I don't know why but he looked a little different that day. He had a strange smile on his face and it looked scary to me. Even so, i went on and he started my treatment as usual. This time the same dream but the girl looked a little different also. She looked more restless than before and instead of asking for my help she tried to catch me. I became frightened at that time then saw the girl became injured. But in spite of falling on the ground she kept standing still and coming towards me. She came so close to me that i could hear her restless breath. She slowly moved her mouth to my ear and whispered that, “I was killed by Dr. Willy, go away he will kill you too!!!" Saying this she pulled my hand with strong force and i fell on the ground and suddenly i woke up from the trance and became more shocked what i saw! I saw that weird person was laughing and saying that, “I killed someone once, i can kill you too!"  I somehow pushed him aside and managed to escape and gathered people for help. After that police came to the place and arrested Mr. Willy for attempt to murder. And they also found a dead body in his back yard which was skeleton of a young girl. Soon i came to know that that girl was a patient of Mr. Willy and she disappeared somehow. Then Mr. Willy confessed to the police that he was doing illegal mental experiment on that girl through hypnotism whose name was Amy too! I felt really shocked. And felt very bad for that girl. Somehow we managed to inform her family and give her justice by punishing that murderer through law. After that everything started to become normal again in my life. I never saw that dream or that girl again. But i will always be thankful to her because she is the one who actually saved my life. And I am glad that I helped her for getting justice. Although no one knows about it because i know that no one will ever believe my words. So i kept it as a little secret in my heart. This piece of memory will never be forgotten…..
                                                 *** Fin***

*** This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental***


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