I'm Fine


*Rain: A country girl and best friend of Windy
*Windy: Also a sweet country girl and best friend of Rain

Plot: A riverside near a village


Rain: Hey, Windy! I’ve been looking for you everywhere and thought that I might find you here and I finally found you (with a weary voice). What happened? Why such a sad face?

Windy: (looking depressed) Nothing. I’m fine…Just thought that I’ll find peace sitting here alone for some time.  

Rain: (sitting beside her) I know why you are here. I am your best friend and I know that you are not feeling well at all. So stop hiding and start talking. You are still upset about that idiot right?

Windy: (took a deep breath) Nodded.

Rain: (became angry) How many times do I have to tell you to stop thinking about it? It’ll only make it worse! (Said with a loud voice and looking straight at Windy)

Windy: (with a crying voice) I know it very well but I just wish people could see how badly hurt my soul is right now. No one has any right to hurt anyone like this!

Rain: What are you talking about Windy?

Windy: If people could hear the sound of a heart breaking into pieces, I swear they would definitely think that death is better than that…but Alas! It breaks silently and make them feel like drowning but will never die…deep in the pain people drowns…heart breaks…loneliness…..betrayal…depression; all these things are enough to make someone a walking dead…. The one who seem to be alive but truly dead from the inside…(she stopped for a moment then said)…my heartbeats are felt like it is my soul who is smashing my body from the inside crying to let it go…my soul is being tortured so mercilessly but still no one cares; specially the one who really broke her heart…he remains silent…sometimes our silence is enough to kill someone entirely…and after all these , everyone still wants me to be okay and move on…Then I’ll say the most dangerous and painful lie ever----


 ***The End*** 

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