The Odds

One night when a young girl named Mia was sleeping peacefully in her bed woke up suddenly with a noise coming from her window. When she looked at her window she saw a weird looking thing trying to step in her room through the window. At this she became very frightened. That thing almost looked like a kid except a green light shaped like a horn on his head. Mia did not move because she thought that it might hurt her. But soon she realized that it was not harmful and sometime later it started talking in English with her….

Alien: Hello, human.
Mia: Who are you?
Alien: I have come from another planet to learn  some things about your earth. You look like an intelligent human to me. I hope I can get my answers from you.
Mia: (feeling weird) Oh ok. I hope I can help you with that. 
Alien: (Sitting beside the window) I’m sorry to frighten you like this but I just needed to complete my assignment that’s all.
Mia: It is okay, no worries. (Said politely) Thinking (I hope it goes away ASAP)
Alien: (looking at Mia) don’t worry I won’t bother you. I will leave soon. My ship will be here in some time.
Mia: (felt ashamed) Oh no, I am sorry! I didn’t know you could read my mind!
Alien: Yes I can. I won’t if you don’t like it though.
Mia: (sat on her bed) so what is it you wanted to know about earth?
Alien: Tell me about human feelings, their nature, habits and their living styles.
Mia: I am not an expert but I will tell you what I know. We are human beings, male and female.  I am female. We live together on earth. We laugh in happiness and cry in sorrow….
Alien: What about fights? Don’t you fight?
Mia: Yes we do, sometimes out of anger.
Alien:Oh, I see. Are every human on this earth the same?
Mia: Of course they are. We are all human beings. We may look different but we are all same inside. We have heart that beats in the same rhythm, blood that runs through our vein and brain that help us to think.
Alien: (writing something in his gadget which looked like a phone but a little different cause it vanished every time he moved his hand from it)  Impressive. OK I see, Humans are generally friendly and live together. But I see in one last review that people are different in colors. Are they from another planet?
Mia: Of course not! As I told you before we are all the same human being. Just because we look different or have different color doesn’t make us different at all. Yes we are human beings but we are each unique and special. We all have equal rights to live on this earth. And live together in friendship and love.
Alien: So you say every single human is special and unique?
Mia: Affirmative. (Said with a louder voice)  Do you want to know anything else?
Alien: No, that would be enough. Thank you a lot human (standing up).
Mia: Call me Mia (said smiling).
Alien: I must go now ‘MIA’. My ship is waiting…
Mia: (just kept looking at him silently)

After that a bright light filled the room. The next morning Mia woke up and found herself in her bed. Everything that happened to her last night was almost like a dream but she knew that it was not a dream at all….  

*** This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental***

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