"Restricted Life"

Writing gives me freedom. I feel free somehow, with no restrictions or rules. 
I like to imagine stargazing, deep blue sea, chasing the wind and touch the sky. I imagine open field, High Mountain, dark forest. I imagine feeling snow and walking in the rain. I imagine feeling everything a human being can enjoy in this beautiful world. 

Just for once in my life I want to live free and also feel free!
Life is too short for restrictions and worries. My dreams are not big but they are impossible. I was taught never to dream anything impossible. But “not having dreams” is impossible for me. I’ve seen a lot of lives being lost. By ‘lost’ I don’t mean death, what I really meant was the death of desires and dreams. Even sometimes I lost my words. I couldn’t say a thing to this unfair life. Maybe because I never learnt any which was needed and is still needed...I make mistakes but trust me, my silence will only kill me if i don't speak...from the inside..I can't let my soul die...i don't want to live like a robot or just a puppet...At least i will be who i am in my writings...And i feel peace of mind thinking that i am free here.... 

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