Too Much Control

It doesn’t matter anymore really. The words you choose will always differ from the words you want to choose. There will be no life in it, it will be something without a soul, and it will be only dead words.
When you have to live a life of others it becomes the same. A life without a true soul in it is the death of that soul.
Life becomes death for some people. They die by living each moment.
Too much control of this world made it blind to realize that one person may need freedom to live, not restrictions.

She loved smiles but the world wanted her tears
She loved freedom but she got restrictions from others
She wanted friends but the world kept her alone
Everywhere she went she saw demons staring at her ready to capture her
She was scared that one day the world might win over her
The world cared about their opinion not hers
The world wanted that part of her she never wanted to loose.
And it is all done in this same world we live in….

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