Be original instead of being a duplicate

Nowadays people only want to see the best out of everything in every sphere. But they just don’t realize that how they are affecting the society and the human mind through this.  A person only manages to reach every goal in life if he/she is perfect in every shape. I always think that people shouldn’t be treated differently according to their skills. Every human being deserves to be treated equally.  I’ve seen many times in my life that those who are brilliant are being treated with so much more care and importance than the people with normal abilities. I never agree with such type of treatment of the society. We are all human beings and by nature every single person on this earth is different. Why does everyone forget that? Every single person has the ability to shine in life if he/she is given the proper opportunity in life to go ahead. Sometimes they are forced to do what everyone wants them to do in life. This is not the proper way to build a bright future. Some parents fix their children’s future long before their maturity. They never even feel to ask their children what they want to become or what are they interested in. We are all good at something in life. If we insure to make that our goal then nothing can stop us from having a bright future. Any job in life needs proper dedication and it is only possible when a person enjoys his/her work. When I was young I always felt that I was never good at anything. But soon I realized that it only happened because I always wanted to be someone instead of being me. I don’t need to be perfect like others I just needed to be the perfect me. There are a lot of things in which I am better than anyone. I can become perfect very easily because I love my job and I love myself for who I am. Similarly human beings are perfect; we just need to have the perfect eyes to see their perfection. Have faith in your children that they will shine in life just being the person they are and never underestimate their skills. We don’t have to live someone else dream; we just need to live ours. Everything will turn out to be alright automatically! Have faith in your dreams for there is only one life so turn it into reality. Never let others to control your life. Everyone is special and everyone is unique…..

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