Tumbleton is a peaceful village of New Zealand.  It’s a beautiful village situated among evergreen mountains. People of this village are mostly farmers or shepherds. Living becomes a little hard for them sometimes due to several natural calamities. Apart from that everything in this village goes very well. It is thought that those who live among mountains consume very strong imagination power. Though it’s just a rumor. Only God knows what the truth is. Anyway as I was saying, everyone in this village remain very busy except two children whose main job was to imagine whenever they sit together. One was Dred and the other was Phill. The whole village knew about their friendship as well as their mischief s. Phill and Dred became friends at a very early age. As they were both of the same age, it was quite enjoying for both of them. Phill and Dred loved to imagine things with their imagination power. One day Phill asked Dred what he wanted to be in future. Dred loved to make things up and he was an expert among the two. Dred looked at the blue sky full of small clouds and said that one day he will build a huge castle up above the sky and live there like a king. Phill was listening to him very seriously like he really believed every single word he said would become true. And Phill always said that he would be together with Dred in that castle forever. Their imagination class came to an end after that. Dred was a little poor than Phill. He was the only son of his family. His father worked all day and night to earn their livelihood. As dread was still young he couldn’t do any work for his family. One day his uncle and aunt came to visit them. When they came to know about their financial problems they suggested taking Dred along to live in another village with them. This made Phill and Dred real upset but they both were helpless in this matter. The night before leaving that village, Dred and Phill sat together sitting on the roof of his house and gazed at the stars. They both were real quiet because they were extremely upset. All on a sudden Dred broke the silence and said, “One day I’ll own one of these stars and make it mine. People will know it as my name DRED!”  Phill just heard it with all his heart but couldn’t say a single word.  He just cried. Seeing his best friend crying Dred consoled him saying that, ‘’ U know Phill how powerful friendship is? It is as powerful like the sun. No matter how far we are, we will always be connected by heart through friendship. As friendship lasts forever!” That was the last conversation they had together. The next day Dred left but Phill was absent. Because it’s really hard for him to see Dred leave.  After that he never saw Dred again. By this time everything changed. One day Phill happened to meet an honest and learned person named Mr. Thomas. Mr. Thomas was a scientist and came to Tumbleton for some research. As Phill knew a lot about that place so apparently he became his temporary guide. Mr. Thomas was highly impressed by the clever and sharp mind of Phill. So he decided to take Phill with him to the city and live with him. He assured to give him proper education for free. His parents could hardly reject that proposal because it was the best option for their son’s bright future. As a result Phill started to live in the city with Mr. Thomas and became a well learned person. He came to know about a lot of things from Mr. Thomas. He was indeed a great teacher who inspired Phill to follow his heart and do what he wants to do in life. Phill was highly interested about stars and the universe because they always made him think about Dred. Deep in his heart he believed that one day they will meet again. So Phill became a very good scientist who always discovered many new things about the galaxy. He became famous all over the country. Phill was very dedicated to his work. He used to work day and night without any brakes. One night as he was gazing the stars and researching on them, he surprisingly discovered something new! It seemed that it was a new star and he just discovered it. At this great discovery he was highly praised by all. When everyone asked him to give it a name he simply called it DRED. From that moment everyone came to know about a new star named Dred.

Time kept on going and Phill reached at the top of success in his life. But he always felt that something was missing.He still missed his friend Dred. Like always Phill went out for a stroll by the city in the evening. His eyes were always searching or his dearest friend because he hoped that he will find Dred one day for sure. The city was crowded with various types of people. People from various places came to the city for business and earn livelihood. As Phill passed some crowded market his eyes suddenly stopped at one place. At the very corner he saw a man selling some paintings. It was not the man that surprised him rather it was the paintings.  He saw that the paintings were about exactly what Dred used to imagine in his childhood. There was a picture of a castle on the clouds and two persons in it and a picture of a bright star which was tied with a rope and caught by a man on the ground. He became speechless for a moment but somehow asked the man if he made those paintings. He was also looking very curiously at him as if he knew him. Soon Phill found out that it was Dred!  They hugged each other and just cried. After that Phill came to know that Dred ran away from his uncle’s house because they used to behave very rudely and made him work all the time. He started to paint his imaginations and sell them for a living. Phill was heartbroken to hear that. He told him to live with him in his house and also told him that his dreams really came true. He has his own star and now they will live together in a huge house almost as big as a castle. Hearing these Dred burst into tears and thanked Phill for everything. Phill only said smiling that, “ Friendship lasts forever”. 

                                                      ****The End*****

*** This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental***


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