"Story Of A Hidden Star #2"

Some villagers found him fainted near the forest path in the morning. A man named Mr. Hector gave him shelter. He owned a stable where Charlie started to work and lived in the near barn all alone. Because of Mrs. Hectors negative thought towards Charlie. She didn’t allow Charlie to live with them in the house.
Anyway, it was fine with Charlie. Cause he worked all day at the stable and used to think and make drawing at night time.

On a moonlit night… everyone was asleep except Charlie. He was sitting in the moon light and thinking about something looking at his shadow. Suddenly something crossed his eye. He saw another shadow running around him. He was quite brave and so he became curious about it. After some time it disappeared. Suddenly he saw a light coming from outside. He ran to see what it was. He saw that it was a star shining and coming down towards him!

Charlie couldn’t think of what to do and stood there until it landed before him. It was a little alien, in size of a cat. It was looking at Charlie with same curiosity Charlie was at looking at it. But it turned out to be real friendly with him. Charlie liked it and named it Star. 

Next day when the news of the light seen last night spread around the whole village. They all started looking for it but Charlie kept it hidden because he knew that they might hurt it.They interrogated him but found nothing because he confused them with his words. The next night when all went to sleep Charlie got Star out and put it in the moonlight again. Star looked at Charlie a few times then it flew back where it came from, to the sky. Before leaving, it gave Charlie some powers which changed his life forever.After some days when Mr. Hector heard Charlie reading a book of his son like a learned person, he was shocked. He managed to send him to school and Charlie turned out to be a wonder boy who easily solved most difficult sums quite easily. Thus his life changed to a new turn and he became very famous. When still someone asks about him to Mr. Hector; he just says that,
 “Charlie was a hidden star among all of us shining brighter that anyone else.” 

***FIN ***

*** This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental***

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