"Story Of A Hidden Star"

This is a story of one young soul who was lost in this cruel world full of disappointments. No one really cared about what he was or should I say how talented he was! He was born in such society which made him helpless. He had to do what others wanted him to. He was a star in the dark sky that was nothing like anybody else. He really was something special.

Little Charlie had no idea what awaits for him. All he knew that the people around him was very disturbed at his presence. He was too innocent to hate someone back. That’s why he always kept silent. Because whenever he opened his mouth before them, he fell in danger. Sometimes they beat him up without any reason.

He lived with his poor father at the corner of the village. His mother died right after his birth. So he never had a chance to see his mother or feel her love. But his father loved him very dearly. He used to fight with everyone to protect Charlie from them. Charlie never focused on anything around him. He liked to think all the time. Whenever he had a chance, he took a branch and starts drawing weird symbols on the soil ground. The illiterate villagers never realized what he was actually doing. Some said he was doing black magic and some said he was a lunatic.

Ignoring every bad comments Charlie kept on doing what he likes to do; think. Except his father no one liked him at all. On one night while Charlie and his father were asleep, some people put a fire on their house. Because they thought that both the father and son were doing black magic. In that dreadful fire his father died but Charlie survived somehow. He lost everything .He ran away real fast that night to the nearest village. 

To Be Continued.....

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